Bonzer Exploring The Cocktails Of James Bond 007

Cocktail James Bond Vesper

It’s hard to think of certain types of cocktail without fictional secret service agent James Bond being brought to mind. This is particularly the case with Martinis , or any cocktail which is ‘shaken and not stirred’. Throughout the many novels and film adaptations, the suave MI6 operative has enjoyed numerous classic cocktails, sometimes even with an original twist of his own creation. With the latest film in the series, Spectre being recently released, we thought it would be the perfect time to run through some of the finest cocktails that Bond has enjoyed over the years, and often popularised in the process. So, let’s take a look at the favourite cocktails of James Bond 007, starting with the first book he appeared in Casino Royale in 1953, all the way through to 2015’s Spectre movie.

Casino Royale Americano and Vesper Martini
In this original entry of the James Bond series, he orders his first cocktail the Americano.An Americano is often enjoyed before a meal and has a long history dating back to the 1860s. It was originally called the Milano Torino due the origin of its primary ingredients, but was later renamed as it proved to be highly popular with American tourists during prohibition. The drink is also enjoyed in the subsequent books From Russia With Love and For Your Eyes Only . Later on in the story, Bond orders a Vesper Martini a drink of his own invention, but one which is still enjoyed today.

Americano ingredients and recipe:
● 1 ounce of Campari
● 1 ounce of sweet vermouth
● Club soda
● Lemon twist or a slice of orange
● Ice cubes
❖ Pour the Campari and sweet vermouth into an ice cube filled Old Fashioned glass
❖ Add the club soda to taste
❖ Garnish with the lemon twist or slice of orange

Vesper Martini ingredients and recipe:
● 3 measures of Gordon’s Gin
● 1 measure of vodka
● ½ a measure of Kina Lillet (now Lillet Blanc) or otherwise Cocchi Americano
● Lemon peel
❖ Pour the gin, vodka, and Lillet Blanc into a cocktail shaker and shake
❖ Pour the mixture into a champagne glass
❖ Garnish with the lemon peel

Diamonds Are Forever Old Fashioned, Black Velvet, and Stinger
In Diamonds Are Forever , bond makes his way through a fair share of cocktails. The Old Fashioned makes an appearance as it also does in Live and Let Die and Thunderball . So too do the lesser known Black Velvet and Stinger cocktails which we also take a look at how to create below.

Old Fashioned ingredients and recipe:
● 3 ounces of bourbon whiskey
● A couple of dashes of Angostura bitters
● 1 sugar cube
● 2 slices of orange
● 1 Maraschino cherry
● Ice cubes
❖ Place the sugar cube into an Old Fashioned glass and pour the bitters onto it
❖ Add one of the slices of orange
❖ Use a cocktail muddler to muddle these ingredients together
❖ Fill up the glass with ice cubes
❖ Add the bourbon whiskey
❖ Stir the ingredients together
❖ Garnish with the second slice of orange and the Maraschino cherry

Black Velvet ingredients and recipe:
● 4 ounces of Champagne (Bond is very partial to Bollinger , amongst others)
● 4 ounces of stout
❖ Pour in the Champagne
❖ Slowly pour the stout into the Champagne

Stinger ingredients and recipe:
● 1 ¾ ounces of Brandy
● ¾ of an ounce of white crème de menthe
● Crushed ice
❖ Add the crushed ice into an Old Fashioned glass
❖ Pour the brandy and white crème de menthe in and stir together

Thunderball Rum Collins
The Rum Collins is a variation on the classic Tom Collins cocktail which dates back to 1876. It is the Caribbean version of the drink and is sometimes known as the Ron Collins, due to the word Ron meaning rum in Spanish. It’s the ideal drink for Bond to enjoy while in Palmyra, Bahamas home to his nemesis in the movie, Emilio Largo.

James Bond Rum Collins

Rum Collins ingredients and recipe:
● 2 ounces of light rum
● The juice of 1 lime
● Club soda
● 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar
● A slice of lemon
● A Maraschino cherry
● Ice cubes
❖ Shake the rum, lime juice, and powdered sugar in a Boston shaker
❖ Pour the mixture into an ice cube filled Collins glass
❖ Add the club soda to taste and garnish with the lemon and Maraschino cherry

Dr. No Dry
Vodka Martini
The Dry Vodka Martini is surely James Bond’s most famous cocktail of choice and is the drink which brought the phrase ‘shaken and not stirred’ to public notoriety. In the movie, the phrase is spoken by the film’s namesake villain Dr. Julius No, and Bond (played by Sean Connery) doesn’t actually utter it himself until the Goldfinger film of 1964. Whatever its origins, it’s remained a classic cocktail to this day and is now as popular as the Gin Martini that it originally evolved from.

Dry Vodka Martini ingredients and recipe
● 1 ½ ounces of premium vodka (do not use a cheap substitute in this cocktail)
● ¾ of an ounce of dry vermouth (the less vermouth used, the drier the Martini will be)
● A lemon twist or 3 olives
● Ice cubes
❖ Pour the vodka and vermouth into a mixing tin filled with the ice cubes
❖ Shake the mixture don’t stir it!
❖ Strain off the liquid into a chilled Martini glass or else a cocktail glass
❖ Garnish with the lemon twist or olives


James Bond Mint Julep

Goldfinger Mint Julep
The film and novel Goldfinger is named after its antagonist, Auric Goldfinger. He and Bond meet at his horse ranch in Kentucky, so aptly enjoy a cocktail that is still consumed to this day in very large numbers at the annual Kentucky Derby a mint julep.

Mint julep ingredients and recipe:
● A handful of mint leaves
● 2 sugar cubes
● 2 ½ ounces of bourbon whiskey
● A sprig of mint
● Crushed ice
❖ Place the mint leaves and sugar cubes into a pewter julep cup, Collins, or double Old Fashioned glass
❖ Use a muddler to muddle the mixture until the sugar has broken down
❖ Add the bourbon whiskey
❖ Add the crushed ice and stir
❖ Garnish with the spring of mint
Risico may be an unfamiliar title to all but the most dedicated Bond fans. It is actually part of the short story collection For Your Eyes Only. In the book, the Negroni in question is enjoyed with a generous splash of Gordon’s Gin.

Negroni ingredients and recipe:
● 1 ½ ounces of Campari
● 1 ½ ounces of sweet vermouth
● 1 ½ ounces of Gordon’s Gin
● An orange twist or slice of orange
● Ice cubes
❖ Add the ice cubes to an Old Fashioned glass
❖ Pour in the liquids
❖ Garnish with the orange twist or slice of orange

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Vodka Tonic with Angostura Bitters
If you’re busy fighting the world’s most devious criminals, you don’t always have too much time to create complicated cocktails, so most of James Bond’s drinks of choice are usually very quick to prepare. None more so than the Vodka Tonic he enjoys in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service , which is accentuated with a little Angostura bitters.

Vodka Tonic with Angostura bitters ingredients and recipe
● 2 ounces of premium vodka (do not use a cheap substitute in this cocktail)
● Tonic water
● A couple of dashes of Angostura bitters
● A wedge of lime
● Ice cubes
❖ Pour the vodka into an ice cube filled highball glass
❖ Add tonic water to taste
❖ Add the Angostura bitters
❖ Garnish with the wedge of lime
Die Another Day Mojito Die Another Day is a film that is not based on an original novel by James Bond creator and author Ian Fleming , but the filmmakers made sure there are plenty of Bond trademarks in it, including a classic cocktail. As much of the film is set in Cuba, this time it’s appropriately enough a Mojito.

James Bond Mojito

Mojito ingredients and recipe:
● 2 ounces of light rum (do not use a cheap substitute in this cocktail)
● Club soda
● 2 teaspoons of sugar
● A handful of mint leaves
● 1 lime cut into two halves
● A sprig of mint
● Ice cubes
❖ Add the mint leaves, sugar, and a splash of club soda into a highball glass and muddle with a
cocktail muddler until the sugar has dissolved
❖ Squeeze both halves of the lime into the glass, then leave one half in the glass
❖ Pour in the rum, stir the mixture, then add the ice cubes
❖ Top up with the remaining club soda and garnish with the sprig of mint

Skyfall and Spectre
In the previously released Bond film, Skyfall , there was a little bit of a public outcry as Bond’s official drink of choice in the film was… Heineken. Yes, that’s right, a bottle of lager! This was obviously a classic example of sponsored product placement, but many viewers just didn’t seem to think it fit with Bond’s image even though in the novels he was occasionally partial to Löwenbräu, Red Stripe, and Miller High Life, so perhaps this is not so out of place after all. In the most recent film Spectre, Bond thankfully returns to form, indulging in the iconic vodka Martini as well as numerous other Champagne and whiskey drinks. This time the vodka in question is the premium brand Belvedere , so we imagine product placement was again in full swing. At least it was a bit more in line with his traditional image on this occasion!

At Bonzer we love to create classic cocktails and stock the cocktail supplies you need to make all manner of exotic drinks, so if you have any questions about our cocktail equipment , cocktail accessories, or any of our other products or services, please email or call us on +44 (0)1825 765 511.
So, why not treat yourself to one of the James Bond cocktails mentioned above and let us know how you fared in the comments section? After all, you only live twice!
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Bonfire Night Cocktail Recipes From Bonzer


Guy Fawkes Night is fast approaching and with it come the familiar sights and sounds of crackling fires, sparkling fireworks, and trails of smoke. At Bonzer, we always look for any excuse to fashion themed cocktails and with this in mind, we’ve decided to share some of our best Fireworks Night cocktail recipes. Whether you’re huddled around the local public bonfire, entertaining in your garden at home, or serving your customers in your establishment, these Fireworks Night cocktails will be sure to wow your guests. So without further ado, we run through our favourite Guy Fawkes Night cocktail recipes.

Old Smokey Old Fashioned

Old Smokey Old Fashioned

This smoked cocktail reinvigorates the 19th century classic and incorporates real hickory wood smoke for a true, authentic smoked flavour and an exciting visual display.

Ingredients and equipment:
● 60ml of bourbon
● 2 dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters (Angostura Bitters will also work)
● A few dashes of plain water
● 1 sugar cube
● Ice cubes or ice balls
● A portable smoker and smoking chips (ideally hickory)
● A jug or ‘pitcher’
● A decanter
● An ‘Old Fashioned’ glass or tumbler
● Take a jug or pitcher and add the bourbon, Peychaud’s Bitters, water, and the sugar cube.
● Muddle the mixture with a cocktail muddler until the sugar cube has dissolved.
● Fire up your portable smoker with the smoking chips.
● Feed the smoke into the decanter and cover, so as to not lose any smoke.
● Pour the bourbon mixture you have blended into the smokefilled decanter and swirl to mix.
● Add the ice cubes into an Old Fashioned glass or tumbler.
● Pour the smoky bourbon mixture into the glass. As you pour the drink, the smoke will overflow and spill across your bar, stunning your guests. Once it
has subsided, the smoky taste will remain, infused into the drink.

Flaming Jacko’ Lantern

Flaming Jack O Lantern Shooter

Watch the back of your throat with this one! A true winter warmer that will fuel any Fireworks Night celebrations.

Ingredients and equipment:
● 10ml of Kahlua
● 10ml of Bailey’s Irish Cream
● 10ml of white tequila
● A sprinkle of cinnamon
● 1 shot glass
● A lighter or match.
● Pour the Kahlua into the shot glass.
● Carefully layer the Bailey’s Irish Cream over the Kahlua using the Bonzer bar spoon.
● Carefully layer the tequila over the Bailey’s Irish Cream in the same way.
● Sprinkle the cinnamon on top of the tequila.
● Light the tequila on fire with a lighter or match.
Once alight, brace yourself and down this small but fiery fusion. We call this the Flaming Jacko’ Lantern as it tastes like a warm pumpkin pie. Just be careful and don’t have too many, or you’ll wake up with a very dry throat!

Gunpowder Guy ‘Charbaut’ Fawkes

Guy Fawkes Cocktail

Sparkling wine combines with Fireworks Night sparklers for a delicious and beautiful bubbly beverage.

Ingredients and equipment:
● 25ml whiskey
● 50ml cherry juice
● 20ml almond syrup (maple syrup will also work)
● A squeeze of lime
● Guy ‘Charbaut’ Reserve Brut Champagne (any champagne, prosecco, or cava will also work)
● 1 black cherry
● Ice cubes
● 1 cocktail sparkler
● 1 highball glass
● Pour the whiskey, cherry juice, almond syrup, and squeezed lime into the glass and stir.
● Add the ice cubes.
● Pour in the Guy Charbaut Reserve Brut Champagne.
● Garnish the glass with the black cherry.
● Poke the cocktail sparkler vertically through the cherry.
● Light the sparkler.
We recommend the Guy Charbaut Reserve Brut Champagne as it has a rich and spicy flavour that perfectly complements the sour cherry juice, but really any type of sparkling wine will work well. A perfect Guy Fawkes Night cocktail that is sure to set the house alight.

So, if you’re planning to play host at this year’s Bonfire Night celebrations, be sure to try out one or all of our popular cocktail recipes. We guarantee you will receive a glowing review! Let us know if you have any suggestions or if you have any Fireworks Night cocktail recipes that you think we should know about.
If you would like to find out more about our cocktail recipes, our cocktail equipment and cocktail accessories, or any of our products or services, please email or call us on +44 (0)1825 765 511.

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Halloween Ice Cream Recipes – To Die For!

Set of ice cream with fantasy character face

It’s not long until Halloween’s shadow is cast upon us, and seeing as the frosts haven’t yet hit the local graveyards, we at Bonzer have decided there is still plenty of time to enjoy some chilling Halloween themed ice cream, gelato, and sorbet!
Whether you’re creating ice cream for your customers, or just for yourself and are calling it ‘gelato’ in an effort to pretend you’re not really a big kid at heart, these frightening flavours are sure to petrify your palate.
So, let’s get stuck in and run through our revolting recipes. (They’re actually delicious we promise)!

Terrifying Toffee Apple Spicy Ice Cream

Toffee Apple Icecream

This spicy toffee apple ice cream is perfect for tucking into after a productive night spent trick or treating and terrorising your neighbourhood!

Ingredients (serves 4 people):
● 290ml of full cream milk
● 300ml of double cream
● 1 vanilla pod
● 6 medium freerange egg yolks
● 175g of caster sugar
● 450g of dessert apples (cored, peeled, and chopped)
● 2 tbsp of lemon juice
● 1 tsp of ground cinnamon
● 75g of toffee pieces

● Place the milk, double cream, and vanilla pod in a saucepan and bring to the boil.
● Remove the mixture from the heat and set aside for 15 minutes.
● Strain and remove the vanilla pod.
● Whisk the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl until the mixture goes a pale colour and becomes fluffy.
● Blend in the vanilla cream and pour into a separate saucepan.
● Cook the mixture over a very low heat, constantly stirring it until it becomes thick and will coat the back of a wooden spoon.
● Remove from the heat and let the mixture cool down.
● Put the apples and lemon juice in a saucepan and cook on a low heat until they become soft.
● Stir in the spices, mash the mixture, and allow it to cool.
● Stir the apple mixture and toffee pieces into the vanilla custard and pour into a bowl.
● Freeze the mixture by following your ice cream maker manufacturer’s instructions.
● Transfer the mixture into the chilled bowl and freeze until hard.
● The ice cream is now ready to serve.

Jacko’ lantern Gelato with Spine Chilling Spices


Our Jacko’ lantern gelato is essentially like a lighter pumpkin pie ice cream, with warming autumnal spices the ideal pick me up after a night spent carving creepy pumpkins.

Ingredients (serves 5 people):
● 1 tsp of olive oil or canola oil
● 225g of fresh pumpkin flesh
● ½ litre of lowfat milk
● 40g of brown sugar
● 40g of honey
● 1 tsp of ground ginger
● ½ tsp of ground cinnamon
● ⅛ tsp of grated nutmeg
● A tiny pinch of ground cloves
● ½ a vanilla pod (split and scraped)

● Cut your pumpkin flesh into pieces and pour the olive or canola oil over them.
● Place the pieces on a baking sheet on a baking tray and cover with kitchen foil.
● Roast them in an oven at 220°C/425°F for 1 to 1 ½ hours until completely tender.
● Place the milk, sugar, and honey in a saucepan and gently simmer.
● Once simmered, remove the mixture from the heat and stir until all the sugar has dissolved.
● Transfer the mixture into a mixing bowl and whisk in the other ingredients.
● Let the mixture cool down and then place it to chill in your refrigerator.
● Freeze the mixture by following your gelato maker’s instructions.
● Transfer the mixture into the chilled bowl and freeze for 2 hours.
● The gelato is now ready to serve.

Bonechilling Blood Orange Sorbet


Bram Stoker himself would be proud of this vitamin C laden vampiric delight.
An easy to make and excellent palate cleanser, after those regular midnight feasts.

Ingredients (serves 6 people):
● 200g of caster sugar
● 600ml of freshly squeezed blood orange juice
● The juice of ½ a lemon
● 2 tbsp of Amaretto

● Place the sugar and 150ml of water into a pan and simmer for around 10 minutes until the liquid becomes like a syrup.
● Remove the syrup from the heat and allow it to cool.
● Stir the blood orange juice and lemon juice into the syrup and add the Amaretto.
● Pour the sorbet mixture into your sorbet maker and freeze it following the manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively, you can pour the mixture into a freezersafe container , cover it with its lid and freeze it for 1 hour, then whisk it every ½ hour for 2 hours in order to break up any ice crystals.
● Scoop and serve up the sorbet what could be easier?

Here at Bonzer, we like to ensure making delicious ice cream, gelato, or sorbet is easy and fun, so try out our Halloween ice cream recipes and let us know what you think. We guarantee you will bring both fright and delight to your guests or customers and have them wanting more, forever and ever and ever!…
So, if you would like to find out more about our professional ice cream and gelato machines or any of our other products, please email or call us on +44 (0)1825 765 511.

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Which Is The Best Commercial Gelato Machine For You?

Ice Creams

Gelato is currently as popular as it’s ever been, with creative ice cream parlours, gelato bars, and restaurants constantly competing with each other to produce new, original, and experimental flavours. Of course, this is not just another summer fad and gelato has actually been in vogue since ancient Roman times, when it was made using snow and ice from the mountaintops and then refrigerated under the ground!
As well as being an eternal favourite with customers, the margins on gelato are also popular with proprietors, and fortunately it is a food that is easy to keep fresh for weeks at a time. There are many different types of gelato makers available, but for commercial establishments, certain makes and models outshine the rest. At Bonzer, we only sell gelato equipment and gelato machines that have passed our rigorous industry standards for performance, functionality, and results, and so here we review our favourite models and highlight the best features that each has to offer, in order of price and capacity.

Nemox Gelato Pro 2500 SP

Nemox Pro 2500 SP FPMX0396

The Nemox Gelato Pro 2500 SP is the most compact commercial ice cream machine that we sell and is ideal for smaller establishments that need to produce limited quantities of gelato. It is a counter mounted design which produces up to 1 kg (1 quart) of delicious gelato in approximately 20 minutes. It features both a fixed 18/10 stainless steel bowl as well as a removeable bowl with a plastic lid, which saves valuable time as you can remove it and make another preparation with the fixed bowl immediately.The removable bowl is very easy to clean and can also be put in the freezer.
The unit itself is made from stainless steel, as is the blade which also has removable scrapers. It is suitable for long work cycles and has an automatic reset thermostat, as well as a magnetic safety device which ensures that the paddle will instantly stop when the lid is lifted. Furthermore, it has a density controlled switch which immediately stops when the gelato mix is ready.
It can accommodate 1.4 litres of gelato base mix and can produce approximately 4.5 litres of gelato per hour. The list price of the unit is £1663.23.

Nemox Gelato 5K SC

Nemox Gelato 5K SC FPMX0395


The Nemox Gelato 5K SC is one of the most popular gelato makers for commercial establishments, as it produces high quality gelato quickly and easily. It is an air cooled counter top unit that has a continuous operating function, so can make many different flavours in a short space of time.
The body and mixer blade are constructed from stainless steel and the blade comes with replaceable inserts. Just like the Pro 2500 SP, it features a magnetic safety device for the lid, a density controlled switch, and has a large opening so adding ingredients isn’t a messy affair. Moreover, it features an inbuilt drainage system which allows for fast and simple cleaning of the entire unit.
The 5K SC has an ingredients capacity of 1.75 litres and takes approximately 15 minutes per batch, so it can produce about 7 litres per hour. It’s list price is £2595.78.

Nemox Gelato 6K Crea

Nemox Gelato 6K Crea FPMX0391


The Nemox Gelato 6K Crea is a robust counter top gelato machine, fitted with a stainless steel adjustable blade and scrapers. The blade has a variable speed control of between 55 and 115 RPM. The unit benefits from intelligent software which automatically controls the unit and has four production programs (Gelato Classico, SemiSoft Ice Cream, Granita, and Shock Freezing), so you can leave the unit alone to make the ice cream while you busy yourself elsewhere in the kitchen.
The gelato maker has a large opening which allows for mess free addition of ingredients and has an easy to clean drainage system. It also comes with an optional paddle for processing granita. The 6K Crea can hold a maximum ingredients volume of 2.5 litres and takes about 15 minutes per batch of gelato, so can produce approximately 10 litres per hour. It has a list price of £3958.33.

Nemox Gelato 12k

Nemox Gelato 12K FPMX0401


The Nemox Gelato 12K is a floor standing and very powerful aircooled commercial ice cream maker, complete with many advanced features. It has a frontal product extraction system and a paddle with adjustable scrapers which has a variable rotation speed of 60 – 130 RPM.
The extraction and mixing of gelato is controlled by an electronic inverter, and with a large opening for easy addition of ingredients and the same magnetic safety device featured across our other Nemox Gelato machines, the 12K takes care of the ice cream production so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.
The Gelato 12K takes up to 3.5 litres of ingredients and takes approximately 12 minutes per batch of ice cream, so can produce about 17.5 litres per hour. It has a list price of £6024.18.

Nemox Gelato 5+5K Twin Crea

Nemox Gelato 5+5K FPMX0399


The Nemox Gelato 5+5K Twin Crea is our largest and most expensive floorstanding gelato maker. Similarly to the 6K model, the Twin Crea’s functions are controlled by advanced software and it has the same four production programs (Gelato Classico, SemiSoft Ice Cream, Granita, and Shock Freezing). It features the magnetic safety device, a stainless steel blade with adjustable scrapers, a large opening for inserting ingredients, and an optional paddle for granita processing.
The unit is a real powerhouse and is ideal for large, busy establishments as it has an easy to clean drain valve and can accommodate up to 1.75 + 1.75 litres of ingredients. It takes around 15 minutes per batch and produces about 14 litres per hour. The unit’s list price is £6425.18.

Calculate your margin and ROI



These Gelato makers produce exceptional quality gelato and ice cream which will no doubt impress your customers and have them coming back for more again and again. Very healthy margins can be made and although they are top of the range machines, it doesn’t take long for them to pay for themselves. For this reason, we have created our new Ice Cream Margin & Return On Investment Calculator.
All you need to do to use the calculator is enter in your chosen ingredients, the container size, the container price, and the amount of mixture used, and the Calculator will tell you what your profit margin will be in advance.

Additionally, it will determine exactly how many sales you will need to make at this rate in order to recoup your investment. Judging by how fast gelato tends to sell, we estimate that it will only be a matter of days or weeks at the most, before your gelato maker has completely paid for itself.
So if you would like to find out more about our Gelato machines and how they can help to entice more customers into your establishment, please feel free to email or call us on +44 (0)1825 765 511.
In the meantime, why not have a go with our Ice Cream Margin & Return On Investment Calculator and discover how you could be both saving and making money at the same time.

5 Of The Healthiest Juices Imaginable

The juicing fad is well and truly upon us with celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Emily Blunt and Jennifer Aniston all swearing by the stuff. Juice can give your body an energy boost, it can improve your skin and help you lose weight. So far, it’s the classic fad diet story, but there is a real feeling that this one is going to stick around. With all the sugars, fats and other bad things we put into our body, we really do need a steady source of nutrients and vitamins, and juice is a great way of quickly and easily getting them into our system.

There’s a fair bit of science that goes behind why juice is so good for you, but the basic explanation is that by drinking fruit and vegetables in liquid form you are able to easily digest all of the nutrients, seeing as they are now free of the usual fibre that slows down the digestion process. The only thing you need to know now is what should you put into your juice or smoothie, so here’s five of Bonzer’s favourites.

Pineapple Detox

Pineapple is great for detoxifying the liver. As it’s full of fibre when eaten naturally, it can take a while to digest, but in a juice with some celery and ginger it’s the king of detox and a real boost for the digestive system, making it recommended for anyone who suffers from bloating or IBS. It’s also great for joints and bones, as well as for improving circulation.

If you find it hard to find pineapples or don’t particularly like them then a whole grapefruit or fresh lemon or lime juice can be used in its place.

To make the juice simply prepare the pineapple by slicing off the ends, followed by slicing off the skin and cutting out any spiky brown dots – known as ‘eyes’. Then chop all the ingredients into decent-sized chunks and throw them into your blender or masticator. If the smoothie is too thick to blend just add a small amount of water.

½ large ripe pineapple
2 celery stalks, plus leaves to garnish
2.5cm fresh root ginger

pineapple-juiceWake-Up Juice

There are many juice recipes intended to give you an early morning boost, but few are as good as this one. This one is packed full of nutrients and is great for skin health – thanks to the spinach, mango and spirulina – and boosting the immune system. This is largely down to the coconut water, which contains a natural antiviral called lauric acid, and the linseeds, which are a wonderful anti-inflammatory.

If you don’t like spinach in your juice you could try adding combinations of avocado, celery, parsley or cucumber instead.

To make the juice simply chop all of the ingredients, removing the stones from the nectarine and mango, into fairly large pieces and blend in a juicer.

handful of spinach leaves
1 nectarine
½ mango
125ml water
250ml coconut water
1 tbsp ground linseeds
1 tsp spirulina

green-smoothieCalifornia Cleanse

This is another great juice for detoxifying the body, as well as giving it a boost of energy despite having a very low calorie count. Celery and carrots are great for the body, the former great for reducing pain while the latter is known to improve skin and eye health. Along with nitrate-heavy beetroot – a natural cleanser – and the digestive powers of fennel you will feel tip-top after taking this one for a few days.

Directions are simple to make this one. Just chuck everything into the blender – though you might want to give everything a quick wash first – and then blend for around 30 seconds until all of the ingredients have mixed.

2 carrots
2 celery sticks
1 small beetroot
½ fennel
½ apple (cored, if desired)
3 parsley sprigs
8 ice cubes

The Cold Buster

If you are prone to getting colds and flu – or are currently suffering from those conditions – then give this one a try. It will give your immune system a heavy boost. The berries here are great for circulation and full of nutrients, the lemon juice will give you a hit of vitamin C and the banana will regulate blood pressure, with the pak choi (pictured below) offering a good source of nitrates.

Pak choiTo serve simply blend all ingredients together in a juicer.

NB: If you like to have a constant supply of lemon or lime juice to help build up your immune system, think about buying a Bonzer Citrus Juicer.

1 bunch pak choi (or use spinach or kale if pak choi is hard to find)
1 banana
125g frozen raspberries
125g frozen blueberries
350ml water
Lemon or lime juice

Morning Choco Smoothie

If nothing yet has sounded that palatable we are sure you’ll get behind this last one. Using milk as a base – though we recommend trying soy milk or nut milk instead for a healthier option – this one is great for joints and bones, the heart and circulation, and can even help with anxiety.

Nut milks like almond milk and cashew milk are great alternatives to standard milk and are ridiculously easy to make. To make your own nut milk just blitz 600ml water with 200g nuts and you’re done. It can even taste good in a cup of tea and could be a good alternative if you suffer from IBS and other stomach problems which milk can sometimes exacerbate.

To make the smoothie just blend all ingredients together in the juicer.

250ml milk, soy milk, almond milk or cashew milk
1 banana
2 tablespoons cacao
2 teaspoons honey

Getting A Juicer

If that’s got you in the mood for buying a juicer then have a look at the high-quality juicers we offer at Bonzer:

Omega Masticating Juicer: Available from

omega-juicer-masticatorOmega Food and Bar Blender (Available from

omega-300-blenderOmega Vertical Juicer (Available from


How To Make The Perfect Easy Valentine’s Day Meal For Two

Red heart and kitchen cooking utensil on stainless steel rack. Copy space.

February has finally arrived and with it comes the annual excitement and mild anxiety of preparing for Valentine’s Day! Why not show your other half how much you care, by creating your very own valentine masterpiece?

Here at Bonzer, we believe in keeping things simple and of high quality, so we have done the hard work for you and compiled our guide on how to make the perfect easy Valentine’s Day dinner. So why not impress your other half by creating this simple yet stylish meal? You can always say you thought it up – we promise we won’t tell!

Our Valentine’s Day menu is as follows:

Rose-scented Champagne cocktail

Scallops with chorizo

Filet mignon with red wine sauce

Mocha fondant chocolate puddings

So, if you’re appetite has been whetted and you’ve got your kitchen tools at the ready, let’s get down to making this romantic meal for two.

Rose-scented Champagne cocktail


  • Dry rosé Champagne
  • Rose-scented vodka
  • Rose petals
  • 2 Demerara sugar cubes


The first step is to decide how much you love your partner! If you are truly devoted, you might like to create the rose-scented vodka yourself, but if you don’t have the time it can be easily purchased. To make it yourself, take the petals from around three roses (you should already have these if you’re a valentine pro!), put them into a bottle of vodka and leave in a dark place for as many days as you have available.

  1. Add 1 Demerara sugar cube into a Champagne glass.
  2. Add 1 tsp rose-scented vodka.
  3. Pour in the dry rosé Champagne to suit and stir and crush the sugar with a mixing spoon.
  4. Garnish with rose petals.

You don’t even need a cocktail shaker for this one. See, we said this would be simple! Now let’s move up a level.

Scallops with chorizo


  • 200g scallops
  • 50g of chorizo sausage
  • Juice of a quarter of a lemon
  • 2 tbsp chopped parsley


  1. Cut the chorizo into 2-3mm slices.
  2. Heat a heavy frying pan and dry-fry the chorizo on a medium heat for 2 minutes.
  3. Place the chorizo to one side and fry the scallops in the same pan for 1 minute each side.
  4. Add the chorizo to the pan, squeeze the lemon juice with a lemon squeezer, then cook for a few seconds and serve.

Very quick and easy to prepare and thoroughly mouth-watering. Next, let’s move on to the main course.

Filet mignon with red wine reduction


  • 2 filet mignon steaks – up to 2 inches thick
  • Canola oil
  • 4 tbsp butter
  • 2 glasses of red wine
  • Salt and black pepper


Tip: You may have bought pre-cut filet mignon medallions from your butcher, but if you have the whole tenderloin, you can butterly it first and create heart shaped medallions if you’re feeling particularly romantic! Also, aim to cook with a wine that you both enjoy to drink. It is Valentine’s Day after all, so treat yourselves!

  1. Trim the filet mignon steaks.
  2. Once at room temperature, dry the meat with paper towels, coat with oil and then add salt.
  3. Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a frying pan on high heat, for about a minute.
  4. Place the steaks in the pan and reduce the heat down to a medium setting.
  5. Sear the steaks for between 3-6 minutes, depending on their thickness (2 inches plus is thick).
  6. Turn them over and cook for another 2-5 minutes, depending on how well you like your steak done.
  7. Remove from the pan, loosely place in tin foil and allow to rest while you make the sauce.
  8. Pour the wine into the frying pan and turn the heat up to high.
  9. Heat for about 10 minutes until about 75% of it has been reduced.
  10. Pour the juice from the steaks into the pan with the wine.
  11. Turn off the heat and allow to rest.
  12. When the wine has stopped bubbling, slowly add the butter until melted.
  13. Add salt and black pepper to taste.
  14. Serve the sauce with the steak and your own choice of vegetable accompaniments.

That was easy, if slightly more complex. Finally, let’s tackle the dessert.

Mocha fondant chocolate puddings


  • 50g dark chocolate (ideally over 70% cocoa solids)
  • 1 tsp good quality instant coffee
  • 2 eggs
  • 50g butter
  • 75g golden caster sugar
  • 25g sifted plain flour


  1. Weigh out your ingredients.
  2. Butter 3 small metal moulds and line the bottoms with a circle of parchment.
  3. Dissolve the coffee in 1 tsp of boiling water and allow to cool.
  4. Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt in a pan with the butter.
  5. Beat the eggs and sugar in a blender, until you have a thick, foamy mix, 3 times its original size.
  6. Add the chocolate and coffee to the egg and sugar mix and whisk together briefly.
  7. Sieve the flour and briefly beat until mixed.
  8. Put the moulds onto a baking sheet and pour in the mixture (not quite to their top).
  9. Place the baking sheet in the centre of a preheated oven at 200°C/gas mark 6 (180°C for a fan-assisted oven) and cook for around 8 minutes until they are set and easily removable.
  10. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes, before carefully serving.
  11. Serve with whipped cream, ice cream or your favourite accompaniment of choice!

As you may have noticed, the above dessert recipe serves three, but these are so good, we’re sure you’ll want to cuddle up and share the third with your loved one anyway.

If you’re after a few interesting drinks to serve during the evening you should also check out our Valentine’s Day Cocktail Guide, a great accompaniment to our Valentine’s Meal.

Should you require any baking equipment, bar equipment or kitchen utensils, we have all the professional kitchen equipment you need to create a Valentine’s Day hit.

So, if you would like to buy some cooking equipment for your valentine meal, or if you have any questions for us, please email us or call us on 01825 765 511.

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