Nemox 4K Touch
With one touch of the state-of-the-art user interface, consistently perfect gelato is created thanks to fully automatic production and storage processes, making it ideal for implementation in busy kitchens.

And for operators looking to expand on their dessert offering, the Gelato 4K Touch provides the ultimate solution. Capable of detecting ingredient consistency from the word go, the Gelato 4K Touch delivers delicious sorbet, ice cream, frozen yoghurt and granita too, allowing for a truly varied output depending on the choice of the chef.
The touch control pad ensures that the use of this state-of-the-art gelato machine is quick, simple and hygienic for the operator, making for a highly efficient kitchen addition.
Furthermore, the automatic detection feature even works when the cycle is finished to store each creation correctly. A multi-process control begins initiating a unique storage cycle depending on the type of dessert made. Whilst this useful feature allows operators to leave their gelato in the machine as they undertake other tasks for as long as needed, the cutting-edge blending and refrigeration systems – which are designed for long work cycles – also mean that this compact addition to the commercial kitchen is extremely robust and able to withstand heavy use throughout the day.

Renowned for technologically advanced gelato equipment the world over, Nemox’s new Gelato 4K Touch comes with the promise of easy operation and the effortless production of mouth-watering frozen sensations.


The Gelato 4K Touch also possesses a footprint of just 415 x 300 x 415mm, making this countertop machine not only highly efficient within a small space, but also a perfect example of how homemade gelato production need not mean devoting valuable kitchen space to a newly-introduced menu addition.


A magnetic safety device immediately stops the paddle when the lid is lifted, whilst the stainless steel blade with removable scrapers ensures the utmost in kitchen hygiene.


Nemox 4k Touch

Exclusive to Mitchell & Cooper in the UK, each purchase of a Nemox ice cream machine comes with a starter kit, which allows chefs to create up to 14kgs of gelato. Furthermore, Mitchell & Cooper guarantee an onsite warranty repair service for the first year after purchase.
The Nemox range presents infinite possibilities for chefs who pride themselves on combining the utmost quality with innovation. For more information on this range or any other within the Mitchell & Cooper portfolio, please call 01825 765511 or visit

Dehydrator Featured

Excalibur 9 tray stainless steel dehydrator

For outlets looking to offer something truly unique, Excalibur Dehydrators from Bonzer® are the perfect choice. A simple, yet clever concept that employs variable heat to draw moisture out of foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs, to give a dried alternative packed full of flavour and nutritional goodness that are great as a garnish, decoration or for creating your own brand of healthy snacks and meals!

Each Dehydrator features an adjustable thermostat that fluctuates the temperature between 95°F to 155°F, thereby keeping it low enough to preserve the active enzymes found in fruit and veg, but high enough to remove moisture quickly enough to prevent bacteria. This preserves not only the taste but also the vitamins and goodness which helps create appeal amongst health conscious customers. The 26 hour timer allows operators to set it and forget it, as the machine will turn itself off once the products are fully dried.

The possibilities are endless for using dried ingredients to create a unique selling point. Serve up healthy snacks in the form of apple crisps or banana chips, create your own homemade granola or dried fruit bars for a delicious breakfast offering, or use dried onions and chillies to make a tasty soup. Using a Dehydrator is also more cost efficient than sourcing from a health food shop and more nutritious than mass produced alternatives as they often include chemicals which are added for preservation.

The Excalibur Dehydrators come in 5 and 9 tray variants with each tray measuring in at 15” x 15”. The mesh screens are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Featured in Restaurant Magazine August 2013.

Light entertainment: Suppliers talk small kit

Light feature

The physical disparity between a six-burner range and, say, a can opener is pretty obvious. But it is not only the attributes of size and weight that distinguish the light equipment market from its heavy duty counterpart.

Both also exhibit very individual market traits, which goes some way to explaining why a lot of suppliers and resellers focus more on one or the other, than both. For a start, those accustomed to life in the light equipment fast lane will argue until they are blue in the face that the market moves at a much quicker pace and, often, on a more seasonal basis.

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Mitchell & Cooper flies British manufacturing flag

Company feature

There are plenty of companies in the catering supplies industry with extensive and varied histories, but you’ll be hard pressed to find many whose legacy stretches all the way back to the end of the nineteenth century.

One firm that can claim to have links to that bygone era, however, is Mitchell & Cooper. The company’s founders (one was a silversmith, the other an engraver) started their activities in Farringdon, London in 1879 and quickly went on to forge a successful and growing business, even gaining the contract to make trench periscopes for the First World War effort.

By the 1920s, Mitchell & Cooper had moved into bar and catering equipment, its first steps towards building a portfolio that more closely resembles what it is known for today.

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