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Guy Fawkes Night is fast approaching and with it come the familiar sights and sounds of crackling fires, sparkling fireworks, and trails of smoke. At Bonzer, we always look for any excuse to fashion themed cocktails and with this in mind, we’ve decided to share some of our best Fireworks Night cocktail recipes. Whether you’re huddled around the local public bonfire, entertaining in your garden at home, or serving your customers in your establishment, these Fireworks Night cocktails will be sure to wow your guests. So without further ado, we run through our favourite Guy Fawkes Night cocktail recipes.

Old Smokey Old Fashioned

Old Smokey Old Fashioned

This smoked cocktail reinvigorates the 19th century classic and incorporates real hickory wood smoke for a true, authentic smoked flavour and an exciting visual display.

Ingredients and equipment:
● 60ml of bourbon
● 2 dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters (Angostura Bitters will also work)
● A few dashes of plain water
● 1 sugar cube
● Ice cubes or ice balls
● A portable smoker and smoking chips (ideally hickory)
● A jug or ‘pitcher’
● A decanter
● An ‘Old Fashioned’ glass or tumbler
● Take a jug or pitcher and add the bourbon, Peychaud’s Bitters, water, and the sugar cube.
● Muddle the mixture with a cocktail muddler until the sugar cube has dissolved.
● Fire up your portable smoker with the smoking chips.
● Feed the smoke into the decanter and cover, so as to not lose any smoke.
● Pour the bourbon mixture you have blended into the smokefilled decanter and swirl to mix.
● Add the ice cubes into an Old Fashioned glass or tumbler.
● Pour the smoky bourbon mixture into the glass. As you pour the drink, the smoke will overflow and spill across your bar, stunning your guests. Once it
has subsided, the smoky taste will remain, infused into the drink.

Flaming Jacko’ Lantern

Flaming Jack O Lantern Shooter

Watch the back of your throat with this one! A true winter warmer that will fuel any Fireworks Night celebrations.

Ingredients and equipment:
● 10ml of Kahlua
● 10ml of Bailey’s Irish Cream
● 10ml of white tequila
● A sprinkle of cinnamon
● 1 shot glass
● A lighter or match.
● Pour the Kahlua into the shot glass.
● Carefully layer the Bailey’s Irish Cream over the Kahlua using the Bonzer bar spoon.
● Carefully layer the tequila over the Bailey’s Irish Cream in the same way.
● Sprinkle the cinnamon on top of the tequila.
● Light the tequila on fire with a lighter or match.
Once alight, brace yourself and down this small but fiery fusion. We call this the Flaming Jacko’ Lantern as it tastes like a warm pumpkin pie. Just be careful and don’t have too many, or you’ll wake up with a very dry throat!

Gunpowder Guy ‘Charbaut’ Fawkes

Guy Fawkes Cocktail

Sparkling wine combines with Fireworks Night sparklers for a delicious and beautiful bubbly beverage.

Ingredients and equipment:
● 25ml whiskey
● 50ml cherry juice
● 20ml almond syrup (maple syrup will also work)
● A squeeze of lime
● Guy ‘Charbaut’ Reserve Brut Champagne (any champagne, prosecco, or cava will also work)
● 1 black cherry
● Ice cubes
● 1 cocktail sparkler
● 1 highball glass
● Pour the whiskey, cherry juice, almond syrup, and squeezed lime into the glass and stir.
● Add the ice cubes.
● Pour in the Guy Charbaut Reserve Brut Champagne.
● Garnish the glass with the black cherry.
● Poke the cocktail sparkler vertically through the cherry.
● Light the sparkler.
We recommend the Guy Charbaut Reserve Brut Champagne as it has a rich and spicy flavour that perfectly complements the sour cherry juice, but really any type of sparkling wine will work well. A perfect Guy Fawkes Night cocktail that is sure to set the house alight.

So, if you’re planning to play host at this year’s Bonfire Night celebrations, be sure to try out one or all of our popular cocktail recipes. We guarantee you will receive a glowing review! Let us know if you have any suggestions or if you have any Fireworks Night cocktail recipes that you think we should know about.
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