Bonzer’s New Heritage Range Cocktail Strainers

Bonzer Heritage Collection


Since the 1930’s, Bonzer has been leading the way in the cocktail industry and even inventing new bar equipment in the process, such as the Hawthorne Strainer and the Twisted Bar Spoon style. In our latest advancement in the field of cocktail equipment, we are proud to announce our brand new Heritage Range Cocktail Strainers.
The Heritage Range consists of four cocktail strainers which are designed with performance and style in mind, namely: the Hawthorne Strainer, Fine Strainer, Julep Strainer, and the Sprung Julep Strainer. Here, we take a look at the individual features of each of the strainers and examine how they can be used to their fullest to make perfect cocktails every time.

Bonzer Two Ear Heritage Hawthorne Strainer

Bonzer Heritage Hawthorne Strainer


The Bonzer Two Ear Heritage Hawthorne Strainer is the ideal all round cocktail strainer and is a refinement of the industry standard Hawthorne Strainer that Bonzer first invented. Its weight is evenly balanced and its distinctive ‘Devil Horn’ shaped prongs or ‘ears’ rest on the mixing tin for a firm and tight fit. It has an antique style spring which helps it to stay snug and also prevents any ice overspill. Made in the UK, this strainer is highly durable and is the result of years of refinement.

Bonzer Heritage Sprung Julep Strainer

Bonzer Heritage Sprung Julep Strainer


The Bonzer Heritage Sprung Julep Strainer makes it easy to quickly switch between drinks, and its antique style spring provides a rigid fit that ensures ice cannot escape. As this strainer has no ears, you can strain directly from the glass, and it works best when creating drinks which are stirred and not shaken. Back in their aviation heyday, Bonzer provided the official barware for Concorde , and a similar strainer was a permanent guest aboard all their flights, ensuring its passengers were suitably well looked after and relaxed. This flexible and efficient strainer is still lovingly made in the UK.

Bonzer Heritage Julep Strainer

Bonzer Heritage Julep Strainer


The Bonzer Heritage Julep Strainer is perfect for throwing drinks, as it features a unique ridge design which allows for more control when pouring. Its one piece design ensures it is both hygienic and durable, and will be your bartender’s best friend for years to come.

Bonzer Heritage Fine Strainer

Bonzer Heritage Fine Strainer


The Heritage Fine Strainer has a wide collar and a fine mesh, which has been designed for straining drinks that have been shaken. The round base of the mesh means the flow won’t be impeded by a buildup of waste, so nothing gets in the way of your creation.

Bonzer Heritage Strainer Set

Bonzer Heritage Strainers Set


The complete Bonzer Heritage Strainer Set provides even the most adventurous bartender with the tools they need to create all types of classic and modern cocktails. Whatever drinks are requested, you can be sure that the Heritage range offers a complete practical solution that will look after your customers and your bar for many years to come.

Various finishes available

Available Finishes

All Heritage Strainers are available in a choice of four finishes: gold, copper, silver, and stainless steel.
Gold : gold is known for its ability to never tarnish, and these gold plated strainers will last a lifetime, but will also give your bar the look of luxury that can set it apart from the competition.
Copper : the copper strainers are copper plated and are perfect for fashionable establishments which want their barware to stand out from the crowd, while still keeping a sense of authenticity.
Silver : our silver strainers are electroplated with nickel silver and so remain hard wearing, whilst retaining that feeling of premium, old fashioned class.
Stainless steel : these strainers are made from food grade 304 stainless steel and as such are dishwasher safe and designed to withstand even the most busy of commercial establishments.

Which cocktail strainer is right for you?

The Heritage Range includes strainers for all types of mixology, however each has its own advantages and limitations when making cocktails.

In general, Hawthorne strainers tend to be most suitable when using mixing tins, but are harder to clean then Julep strainers.

Hawthorne Strainer

Julep strainers usually work best when using cocktail glasses rather than tins. The are easier to control and easier to clean, but can be slower to use.

Julep Strainer

Fine mesh strainers are best used when you need to create a perfectly smooth cocktail.

Fine Strainer

You’ll probably find a use for each of these in your bar, so why not buy the Strainer Set and find your own personal favourite!

Designed with your business in mind.

We created the Heritage Range so that establishments could have a set of tools that covered all manner of cocktails. Each strainer is unique in design and function, but they all share some similar features.

All Heritage Strainers feature a curved and comfortable ergonomically designed handle, which allows you to use whatever straining method you prefer. Furthermore, the wide handle provides the perfect space for branding that will be seen clearly by your customers, and will be uniform across the range.Strainer Set

Should you so desire, we can brand your products using screen printing, pad printing, etching, engraving, or impact branding.
All Heritage Strainers come in retail packaging, either boxed individually, or as part of a full set.

Form and function combined

Our years of experience have allowed us to understand the exact needs of the professional mixologist, so we designed these strainers with you in mind. As you are no doubt aware, the appearance of an establishment is often judged as much as the quality of the cocktails it produces, and with the Heritage Range, you can be sure your customers will have a positive first impression and will feel in expert hands.

So, if you’re appetite has been whetted and you would like to find out more about our Heritage Range Cocktail Strainers, please email us at or call us on +44 (0)1825 765 511.



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