5 Of The Healthiest Juices Imaginable

The juicing fad is well and truly upon us with celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Emily Blunt and Jennifer Aniston all swearing by the stuff. Juice can give your body an energy boost, it can improve your skin and help you lose weight. So far, it’s the classic fad diet story, but there is a real feeling that this one is going to stick around. With all the sugars, fats and other bad things we put into our body, we really do need a steady source of nutrients and vitamins, and juice is a great way of quickly and easily getting them into our system.

There’s a fair bit of science that goes behind why juice is so good for you, but the basic explanation is that by drinking fruit and vegetables in liquid form you are able to easily digest all of the nutrients, seeing as they are now free of the usual fibre that slows down the digestion process. The only thing you need to know now is what should you put into your juice or smoothie, so here’s five of Bonzer’s favourites.

Pineapple Detox

Pineapple is great for detoxifying the liver. As it’s full of fibre when eaten naturally, it can take a while to digest, but in a juice with some celery and ginger it’s the king of detox and a real boost for the digestive system, making it recommended for anyone who suffers from bloating or IBS. It’s also great for joints and bones, as well as for improving circulation.

If you find it hard to find pineapples or don’t particularly like them then a whole grapefruit or fresh lemon or lime juice can be used in its place.

To make the juice simply prepare the pineapple by slicing off the ends, followed by slicing off the skin and cutting out any spiky brown dots – known as ‘eyes’. Then chop all the ingredients into decent-sized chunks and throw them into your blender or masticator. If the smoothie is too thick to blend just add a small amount of water.

½ large ripe pineapple
2 celery stalks, plus leaves to garnish
2.5cm fresh root ginger

pineapple-juiceWake-Up Juice

There are many juice recipes intended to give you an early morning boost, but few are as good as this one. This one is packed full of nutrients and is great for skin health – thanks to the spinach, mango and spirulina – and boosting the immune system. This is largely down to the coconut water, which contains a natural antiviral called lauric acid, and the linseeds, which are a wonderful anti-inflammatory.

If you don’t like spinach in your juice you could try adding combinations of avocado, celery, parsley or cucumber instead.

To make the juice simply chop all of the ingredients, removing the stones from the nectarine and mango, into fairly large pieces and blend in a juicer.

handful of spinach leaves
1 nectarine
½ mango
125ml water
250ml coconut water
1 tbsp ground linseeds
1 tsp spirulina

green-smoothieCalifornia Cleanse

This is another great juice for detoxifying the body, as well as giving it a boost of energy despite having a very low calorie count. Celery and carrots are great for the body, the former great for reducing pain while the latter is known to improve skin and eye health. Along with nitrate-heavy beetroot – a natural cleanser – and the digestive powers of fennel you will feel tip-top after taking this one for a few days.

Directions are simple to make this one. Just chuck everything into the blender – though you might want to give everything a quick wash first – and then blend for around 30 seconds until all of the ingredients have mixed.

2 carrots
2 celery sticks
1 small beetroot
½ fennel
½ apple (cored, if desired)
3 parsley sprigs
8 ice cubes

The Cold Buster

If you are prone to getting colds and flu – or are currently suffering from those conditions – then give this one a try. It will give your immune system a heavy boost. The berries here are great for circulation and full of nutrients, the lemon juice will give you a hit of vitamin C and the banana will regulate blood pressure, with the pak choi (pictured below) offering a good source of nitrates.

Pak choiTo serve simply blend all ingredients together in a juicer.

NB: If you like to have a constant supply of lemon or lime juice to help build up your immune system, think about buying a Bonzer Citrus Juicer.

1 bunch pak choi (or use spinach or kale if pak choi is hard to find)
1 banana
125g frozen raspberries
125g frozen blueberries
350ml water
Lemon or lime juice

Morning Choco Smoothie

If nothing yet has sounded that palatable we are sure you’ll get behind this last one. Using milk as a base – though we recommend trying soy milk or nut milk instead for a healthier option – this one is great for joints and bones, the heart and circulation, and can even help with anxiety.

Nut milks like almond milk and cashew milk are great alternatives to standard milk and are ridiculously easy to make. To make your own nut milk just blitz 600ml water with 200g nuts and you’re done. It can even taste good in a cup of tea and could be a good alternative if you suffer from IBS and other stomach problems which milk can sometimes exacerbate.

To make the smoothie just blend all ingredients together in the juicer.

250ml milk, soy milk, almond milk or cashew milk
1 banana
2 tablespoons cacao
2 teaspoons honey

Getting A Juicer

If that’s got you in the mood for buying a juicer then have a look at the high-quality juicers we offer at Bonzer:

Omega Masticating Juicer: Available from bonzer.co.uk/omega-masticating-juicer/en

omega-juicer-masticatorOmega Food and Bar Blender (Available from bonzer.co.uk/1-hp-food-bar-blender/en)

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