Year In Review: Bonzer’s Highlights of 2014

2014 was a great year for Bonzer and our parent company, Mitchell & Cooper. We launched new products such as the Nemox Gelato “ice cream machine of the future”, Coolbar Glass Froster and Pac ‘n’ Vac vacuum storage containers, discovered one of our Can Openers made a trip to Antarctica 70 years ago, built on product ranges like our Bar Kits and Juicers, and continued to build our reputation as an innovative British manufacturer of quality bar and catering products.

Here are five of our highlights from 2014:


1. Pac ‘n’ Vac Containers

In December our Pac ‘n’ Vac Containers won the Food Preparation Equipment award at The Caterer’s annual Product Excellence Awards. Our containers use a unique vacuum valve which allows them to safely store food for up to five times as long as regular storage in a refrigerator. The Pac ‘n’ Vac Containers are available in a range of colours – to aid identification and prevent cross contamination, and a range of sizes – to fit a variety of foodstuffs depending on what you need them for!

You can read about the Pac ‘n Vac’s award win at

Find out more about our Pac ‘n’ Vac Containers at

Bonzer Deluxe Cocktail Kit BSBQ0626

2. Bonzer Bar Kit

Our Bar Kit has become something of a perennial favourite. Our Classic kit – which includes essential bar tools such as a Hawthorne Strainer, Boston Shaker, jiggers, muddler, glass and the Bonzer Bar Spoon – sold well throughout the year, and led us to launch three new bar kits, the Premium, Deluxe and Elite, with each one featuring a different selection of bar tools designed for the requirements and personal preferences of a variety of mixologists and bar staff.

See some of our favourite bar tools, many of which are available in our Bar Kits in our post The Essential Bar Tools.

View our full range of Bar Kits at


3. Excalibur Dehydrators

More and more chefs are beginning to see the benefits of using dehydrators to create interesting and unique recipes – you can see some of our suggestions on our blog and our Pinterest – and this has led to the Dehydrator’s popularity growing throughout the year, both with dealers and end users.

Excalibur’s stainless steel dehydrators – available in 5 tray and 9 tray versions – are suitable for the demands of commercial kitchens and are simple to clean. See our full range at

4. Bonzer Can Opener

We launched our signature product, the Bonzer Can Opener, back in the 1930s and, thanks to its combination of British quality, price and the fact that it does what it says on the tin, it’s still our best-selling product. It was also shortlisted in the Food Preparation Category at the 2014 Product Excellence Awards, though the Bonzer Pac ‘n’ Vac Container went on to win.

We even had a nice surprise thanks to our oldest product earlier this year when a scientific researcher called us to let us know that one of our Can Openers had been found on an Antarctic base, where it had been installed some 70 years previously. The base has now been turned into a museum and visitor centre and we are very proud to say that our Can Opener is still present in the base, which has been restored to its former glory. You can read this story in full here.

The Bonzer Can Opener is available from


5. Bonzer Cup Dispensers

Our range of Cup Dispensers – which includes our Hexdome (pictured above), Elevator Cup Dispensers and Gravity Cup Dispensers products – gained a strong market share, especially in the UK, where they were installed in many coffee stations wanting to offer quick service. Waitrose and Costa are two of the recent companies to start using Bonzer Cup Dispensers.

Our cup and lid dispensers are easy to clean, reuse and fit a variety of cup and lid sizes. Our Hexdome unit offers the complete solution, with both lid and cup dispensers as well as a professional finish.

Our full range of Bonzer Cup Dispensers are available from

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