5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Foodie

The time has come to delight and surprise the food-obsessed friends and family on your Christmas gift list with some of our quirky (and useful) gift ideas, all of which are destined to add plenty of innovation and excitement to any kitchen.


Classic Cocktail Kit

Even the best bartender needs a few tools to mix and prepare drinks properly, and this is where our Classic Cocktail Kit steps in. We spoke to top professional mixologists in London and asked them what they thought were the most essential tools for preparing cocktails. We then put together this kit which features their favourite items, including essentials like the Boston Shaker and Fine Bar Strainer, as well as jiggers, muddlers, our much-loved Bonzer Bar Spoon and lots more.

If you know a budding mixologist or wannabe bartender then this is the gift for them. Plus, soon they may be able to make you one of these:

The Bonzer Classic Cocktail Kit is available from bonzer.co.uk/classic-cocktail-kit/en.



A whipper may not sound like the most obvious choice for a present, but believe us they can be pretty useful. Although originally intended for making whipped cream, these devices have become an essential tool for modernist cuisine, chefs using them to create new ideas using molecular gastronomy. They are great for making foams (or espumas), airy sauces, mousses, light batters (we recommend trying Heston Bluemthal’s method – https://bonzeruk.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/5-british-food-and-drink-classics/ – for creating fish batter using a whipper), truffle-like creations and all kinds of infusions. There has even been a recent trend for mixologists using them to infuse spirits with flavours, such as adding chilli to vodka or liquorice to gin (as shown in this article: http://gizmodo.com/5955339/how-to-rapidly-flavor-any-booze-using-whip-its).

For a surprisingly useful tool for forward-thinking chefs you can’t go wrong with a whipper. We have a variety of models available but recommend the Stainless Steel 0.5l option as the perfect Christmas gift: bonzer.co.uk/whippers-0-5-l-stainless-head/en.


Food & Bar Blender

Every kitchen needs a good blender, an essential tool for making soups, smoothies, juices, sauces, creams and purées, and the Omega 300 blender is the perfect choice for any home kitchen. As with all Omega blenders you can be sure that the blender will be reliable, durable and designed efficiently. This particular model is a great size for a home kitchen. And when you combine that with its power and performance you have a great appliance for all your juicing and blending needs.

The Omega 300 Food and Bar Blender is available from bonzer.co.uk/1-hp-food-bar-blender/en.


Bonzer Zip Zester

A Zip Zester is a great companion for aspiring chefs and mixologists. Chefs can use it to quickly zest citrus fruit, a vital ingredient in many dishes, as well as create all kinds of dishes – such as Gourmet Curly Fries (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd6o0AcLN3I&feature=youtu.be&a) – while mixologists will find it a great way to create infusions and decorate their cocktails. With the Zip Zester they’ll have no problem creating classic cocktail twists as well as zest that can be infused with spirits and other drinks for rich and flavoursome concoctions.

When it comes to zesting there are few tools that are as customisable and easy-to-use as the Zip Zester. One of the great benefits of using it is that it preserves the natural oils within the skin, which is where all the delicious flavour is. By offering the option to choose the size of the peelings it is a foolproof way of making sure that no bitter pith is removed during the zesting process.

Watch the Zip Zester in action:

The Bonzer Zip Zester is available from bonzer.co.uk/zip-zester/en.


Soda Splash

Don’t let bad memories of the Soda Stream put you off getting a soda-maker. Well-designed devices like our Soda Splash are so easy-to-use and efficient that in no time you’ll be adding some fizz into all of your drinks. Whether it’s water, fruit juice or alcohol the Soda Splash will carbonate your drink in just a matter of minutes, performing the whole process within the confines of just one bottle. It’s a unique system that is much more effective than others that only add carbonated water to separate ingredients. Did we mention that it also uses much less energy and CO2?

An essential tool for any bar or kitchen, our Soda Splash is available from bonzer.co.uk/sodasplash-system-1-2l/en.

One thought on “5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Foodie

  1. I is really a good idea to gift Classic Cocktail Kit, Bonzer Zip Zester etc as Christmas gift. They would love the gift which is very unique and useful for them. Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us.

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