Is loud banging part of the theatre in a coffee shop or is it annoying?

The traditional way to remove used coffee grounds from an espresso coffee group head’s porta-filter is bang loudly into a stainless steel box until it comes out. Maybe this is all part of the theatre, well it has been traditionally but what if your customers want a quieter experience in a coffee shop while they work or write your first novel. The same goes for restaurants or coffee shops below residential property, do people want to hear a repeated banging through the day and late into the evening?

There is an alternative to all this banging.


“The Pro-Fondi from Bonzer® is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional ‘knock-box’ that is used to clean portafilters. Where knock-boxes are literally boxes that sit on the countertop, the Pro-Fondi is installed into the work surface with the waste bag hidden away underneath. This makes for a much more hygienic and tidy back bar as it can hold more waste than a knock-box and means less risk of spillage. The other key problem associated with knock-boxes is that they are incredibly loud.  The Pro-Fondi cleans out a porta-filter quickly and efficiently in a virtually silent manner to ensure the ambiance of the pub or bar is maintained, and to not disturb those wanting a quiet drink. Not only that, as it cleans more efficiently then it improves the overall quality of the coffee and allows the operator to provide customers with a speedier service.”

See Pro-Fondi in action here

If you would like a demonstration (UK only) please fill in the form below and we’ll be in contact.

One thought on “Is loud banging part of the theatre in a coffee shop or is it annoying?

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