Fresh Take on Cocktail Mixology

We set James Travellion the task of creating healthy cocktails for the Bunzl Lockharts event at Wembley Stadium this summer. He could choose any kit from our catalogue to create a health inspired series of drinks and the kit he chose was:

Vertical Masticating Juicer Omega

Omega Vertical Juicer 

With the Vert form and function combine to give you the highest degree of extraction and the healthiest possible juice. The Vert VRT 350 also features an innovative auto cleaning system that keeps the screen clear during juicing and increases its efficiency. The contemporary design is complemented by a virtually indestructible ULTE M juicing screen that will withstand heavy duty juicing. Ideal for fast pace commercial environments, this juicer combines a contemporary styling with the technology to cater to health conscious clientele.

Bonzer Bar Kit

The bonzer® cocktail kit comprises of all the essential tools required to make the majority of classic cocktails. we asked London professional mixologists what they would include in the pack. The items in the pack are what they chose.

✓ 25 / 50 Jigger
✓ Spill-Stop Pour x 3
✓ Muddler
✓ Boston can
✓ Boston Glass
✓ Bonzer® Mixing Spoon
✓ Bonzer® Hawthrone Strainer
✓ Julep Strainer
✓ Fine bar Strainer


Zip Zester

Zip Zester

Designed to remove zest quickly and delicately, therefore preserving the natural oils within the skin which carry all the flavour, whilst ensuring none of the bitter pith is removed. The big Twist blade produces large, curly zest strands that are perfect for wrapping food, garnishing drinks, and accompanying deserts.The Little Twist blade slices elegant, long strands of zest for decoration.

Soda Splash

Soda Splash

The Soda Splash is a new innovation that uses CO2 chargers to carbonate water, fruit juices, alcohols etc. You can turn tap water into carbonated water in a matter of minutes.

The difference to other systems is that all the ingredients are poured directly into the bottle and are well carbonated, whereas in other systems only water is fizzed up which then get’s mixed with syrups etc. in an extra glass. with less CO2 (a standard 8g CO2 cartridge) we achieve a much better carbonation because we lose nothing by stirring or mixing.

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